Abolition Democracy 11/13: Abolish Oil


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Abolition Democracy 11/13: Abolish Oil

March 11, 2021
6:15 PM - 8:45 PM
Online Zoom Webinar

Red Rock Perkins, John Eagle Shield Jr., and Kendall Little Owl of Iron Bull Singers will open the seminar with traditional Lakota singing and drumming followed by Professors Alyssa BattistoniDaniela GandorferReinhold Martin, and Bernard E. Harcourt reading and discussing “Abolish Oil” by Reinhold Martin, Down to Earth: Politics in the New Climatic Regime, by Bruno Latour, “Où suis-je?” — Leçons du confinement à l’usage des terrestres (Chapter 1), new book (in French, 2021) by Bruno Latour, and “Gas Guzzling Gaia, or: A Prehistory of Climate Change Denialism” by Leah Aronowsky.

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Fonda Shen